mercoledì 6 giugno 2018

" The first Malagasy regatta " by Ale Fruscella

Questa sequenza di scatti è frutto di una casualità, di un momento colto dal suo sguardo, un attimo inatteso che diventa emozione e desiderio di racconto, dettagli che si sono composti armoniosamente e naturalmente presentando il fascino di una particolare atmosfera. Le parole dell'autore raccontano la sua esperienza.ANTONELLA LEONE " It was a lazy afternoon in the fishermen village of Andrevo, on the far south-west coast of Madagascar. The wind was blowing. A group of kids was walking in the low tide with small pirougue-models they built with whatever they could find on the beach. I decided to walk with them and document the scene. I only had my portrait lens. As soon as the first kid put his boat in the shallow water I understood something magic was about to happen. The small sails made of plastic bags came to life, pushing the pirougue fast ahead. The boy started running after it, holding a stick to give directions to the small vessel. The boats and their captains started “battling” in the shallow waters, improvising a Madagascar Regatta, which I had the honor and the privilege to witness. The more I travel, the more I believe happiness has nothing to do with money " ALE FRUSCELLA

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